• This last weekend was awesome. Painting with the Artismobilus crew at Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. I was pretty glued to the wall but managed to meet some amazing and inspiring people in the process. Thanks to everyone who joined in our WISDOM mural, from the Brushly-adept to the “Haven’t painted since I was 5″, we all took it forward >>>>>>>

  • Im pretty excited for my upcoming trip to Haiti. I’ll be working through the non-profit Burners Without Borders – A sub-section of the Burning Man project, teaching a 1 month art class on design and illustration at an art center in the southern coastal town of Jakmel. Jakmel is known as the creative center of Haiti, with a deep history in Music, Dance, Painting and Theater. Having been hit hard by the earthquake of 2010, Haiti is still struggling to recover basic needs. This project will teach 20 members of the art center Jakmel Expresyon a broad program in art and business that’s goal is to set up a sustainable silkscreen shop, something that is currently lacking for the whole south coast. I’ll be teaching the first of 10 month long classes- Illustration and Design along with basic printing with found objects. Check in for updates , news on my trip and pictures of what we’re up to down there.

  • Next week I will be leading a workshop for The Marion Cilker Conference in Santa Clara. The conference focuses on teaching teachers how to bring art to the classroom. For my Mural Painting Workshop, 2 sessions of 25 teachers will have 2 hours to help create and fill in a pre-designed mural at the site. What I hope to share are the tools I’ve come across for the challenge we often face painting and directing murals- how to create a common vision that still celebrates the voices of many individuals.

    If you are interested in organizing art projects for groups, below is a downloadable file of the handout I’ll give out- a basic plan layout for the process of setting up, organizing and creating a group mural. I hope it’s helpful and gets more people together expressing their ideas on the walls!


    Mural Process Doc